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Sinorhizobium Meliloti YbeY Is a Zinc-Dependent Single-Strand Specific Endoribonuclease That Plays an Important Role in 16S Ribosomal RNA Processing

Assessment of Survival and Replication of Brucella Spp. In Murine Peritoneal Macrophages

Characterization of Three Small Proteins in Brucella Abortus Linked to Fucose Utilization

An Account of Evolutionary Specialization: The AbcR Small RNAs in the Rhizobiales

A 6-Nucleotide Regulatory Motif Within the AbcR Small RNAs of Brucella abortus Mediates Host-Pathogen Interactions

Quantitative Variation in m.3243A > G Mutation Produce Discrete Changes in Energy Metabolism

Defining the Regulatory Mechanism of NikR, a Nickel-Responsive Transcriptional Regulator, in Brucella Abortus

Endoribonuclease YbeY Is Linked to Proper Cellular Morphology and Virulence in Brucella Abortus

Proline Utilization System Is Required for Infection by the Pathogenic α-Proteobacterium Brucella Abortus

Sibling sRNA RyfA1 Influences Shigella Dysenteriae Pathogenesis

Transcriptome-Wide Identification of Hfq-Associated RNAs in Brucella Suis by Deep Sequencing

Coordinated Zinc Homeostasis Is Essential for the Wild-Type Virulence of Brucella Abortus

Bacterial Persistence: Finding the "Sweet Spot"

Diverse Genetic Regulon of the Virulence-Associated Transcriptional Regulator MucR in Brucella Abortus 2308

Brucella abortus Strain 2308 Wisconsin Genome: Importance of the Definition of Reference Strains

Unique Footprint in the scl1.3 Locus Affects Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of the Invasive M3-Type Group A Streptococcus

A LysR-family Transcriptional Regulator Required for Virulence in Brucella Abortus Is Highly Conserved Among the α-Proteobacteria

The Brucella Abortus General Stress Response System Regulates Chronic Mammalian Infection and Is Controlled by Phosphorylation and Proteolysis

Enhanced Mucosal Defense and Reduced Tumor Burden in Mice With the Compromised Negative Regulator IRAK-M

Sibling Rivalry: Related Bacterial Small RNAs and Their Redundant and Non-Redundant Roles

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